Kuwaiti culture

United Nations

As a member nation of the United Nations (UN), Kuwait is a strong supporter of the role of the UN in preserving international peace and security. Kuwait firmly believes in international cooperation to fight all forms of terror and coercion that threaten individuals and nations. It supports every country‚Äôs right to defend itself and to […]

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

KISR has been playing an outstanding role in the field of scientific and technological research and consultations, and in orienting them toward the objectives of social and economic development of Kuwait. This is done through close coordination with the various related organisations and institutions in Kuwait. KISR was established in 1967, and at that time […]

Science and Technology

Kuwait has consolidation of the role of science and technology into the growth and development of the nation, and the investment of the results of scientific research in extending development to broader and newer horizons to meet the challenges of a changing world. These values have led to the creation of new opportunities and enhancement […]

Ministry of Defence

Kuwait’s constitution forbids offensive war, but the defence of the homeland and the preservation of its independence and sovereignty is a sacred duty. Based on this principle, the Ministry of Defence has provided the armed forces with modern technology and equipment of war fighting. Military service in Kuwait is compulsory for all Kuwaiti male citizens […]

National Assembly

Kuwait has known the consultative system (Al-Shoora) since 1920. The first state consultative council in the region was formed during the reign of Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. The first elected legislative assembly was formed in the country in 1938 with 14 members. Though it was short-lived, it speaks volumes of Kuwait’s serious attempts to create […]

Ministry of Education

Minister of Education: Nouriya Subeeh Barrak Al-Subeeh Website: Established in 1962, the Ministry of Education is one of the largest ministries with about 50,000 employees. The Ministry aims at updating and developing educational and teaching methods to ensure education to all citizens of Kuwait. Education in Kuwait is imparted at four different levels: Kindergarten, […]

State System

Kuwait is an independent and sovereign Arab state. It is a hereditary Emirate and follows a democratic system of governance. The Amirs of Kuwait are descendants of the late HH Mubarak Al-Sabah. Legislative power is vested in the Amir and the National Assembly. Executive power is vested in the Amir, the Cabinet and the Ministers, […]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs is an important portfolio. The main task of the Ministry is to define, implement and shape the nation’s foreign policy to meet the challenges of fast-changing regional and global developments. The Ministry is responsible for defining and shaping Kuwait’s relations with other countries, and its response to international issues and related subjects. Kuwait’s […]


Executive power in Kuwait is vested in the Cabinet or the Council of Ministers. It is headed by the Prime Minister, a position held traditionally by the Crown Prince. The Prime Minister is appointed through an Amiri Decree. The ministers of the Cabinet are appointed by the Amir on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. […]

Kuwait Newspapers

NEWSPAPER Al-Rai Al-Aam (Public Opinion) The Arabic Daily Newspaper Al-Seyassah (Politics) The Arabic Daily Newspaper Al – Qabas ( The Torch) The Arabic Daily Newspaper Al-Watan (The Native Land) The Arabic Daily Newspaper Al-Taleea The Arabic Daily Newspaper Kuwait Times The English Daily News Paper Arab Times The English […]