The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training was established on December 28, 1982, by law number (63) with the objective of developing and upgrading manpower to meet the challenge of shortfall in technical manpower created by industrial and economic development of the country.

The foundation of applied education and training was laid along with the initiation of oil exploration, production and export in Kuwait. In the 1950s, the State began to establish training centres and organised programmes to prepare the manpower needed for the oil industry. After building the fundamental structure of the educational system, the Ministry of Education established a number of specialised institutions to meet the increasing demand for skilled manpower. The other ministries established their own training centres and institutes as well. The State found it essential to establish a central body to supervise and coordinate the activities of these numerous institutes.

The Technical and Vocational Education Department was established in 1972 to supervise technical and vocational education. The Central Training Department was established to supervise training centres and institute set up by to State Ministries.

The Technical and Vocational Education Department continued to function till 1982 when the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) was established as an autonomous body to supervise technical and vocational training and envision and implement an overall plan for the sector.

The goal of PAAET is to develop the national technical manpower and to meet human resource needs of the country through its two sectors: Education and Training.

The applied education sector includes four colleges, which offers several specialisations: College of Basic Education, College of Business Studies, College of Technological Studies and the College of Health Sciences.

Besides the four colleges, there are number of training institutes such as:
Telecommunications and Navigation Institute, Electricity and Water Institute and the Industrial Training Institute (Sabah Al-Salem & Shuwaikh)

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