Kuwait’s official media, under the supervision of the Ministry of Information, follows an open and flexible policy domestically and internationally. It is based on mutual cooperation, respect, and non-interference in the affairs of other countries. The policy is planned collectively with emphasis on intellectual, social, political and economic development.

The media in Kuwait is vibrant and fully alive to its responsibilities of life. From newspapers to Satellite channels, Kuwait has virtually become a media capital of the Gulf. Kuwaiti media is free and enjoys extensive support of the State. This freedom of expression ensures that the State system remains answerable to its people.

Print media, radio and television reach out to the entire nation and are an effective medium in shaping the public opinion through their well-informed and objective reportage. The establishment of Kuwait Information Offices under the aegis of International Media Centres across the world has greatly helped Kuwait in projecting its policies, history, culture and art and in showcasing its achievements to the entire world.