Kuwait Culture Overview

Arab culture and traditions, anchored by Islam, are the secure foundations upon which the modern State of Kuwait is built.

The metamorphosis in lifestyle brought about by the discovery of oil did not efface the identity of the people of Kuwait. The ravages brought by the Iraqi aggression also did not stifle the spirit of the Kuwaitis as they rebuilt their country in record time.

The State of Kuwait has always paid special attention to the preservation of its culture and heritage by maintaining monuments and preserving artefacts and historical documents. The National Museum is one of the 50 locations where these are housed. The destruction caused by the Iraqi troops created a heightened awareness among the people about the need to preserve and resurrect the art and craft of Kuwait. The new architecture of the city, which combines modern design with traditional art, reflects this awareness.

Kuwait has a large variety of customs and traditions, and this gives rise to a colourful and extensive culture, reflected in the Diwaniya, the Bedouin traditions and Al Sadu weaving. The people of Kuwait also have special love for the arts, be it literature, theatre, music, dance, films or contemporary art. The National Council of Culture, Arts and Literature (NCCAL); The Free Art Studio and The Kuwaiti Society of Formative Artists are promoting the visual arts in Kuwait.

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