Ministry of Information

Kuwait’s official media, supervised by the Ministry of Information, follows an open and flexible policy, both domestically and abroad. It is based on mutual cooperation and respect for and non-interference in the affairs of other countries.

The Ministry spares no efforts in developing its institutions, whether oral (radio), visual (television), or written (publications and newspapers), as well as the Information Centres abroad.


Radio in Kuwait has come a long way since its first transmission on May 12, 1951. Use of sophisticated and state-of-the-art equipment at the Al-Maqwa, Kabid and Al-Jeewan stations has contributed to its growth, which both in terms of quality and quantity of transmission has been phenomenal.


Television transmission in Kuwait began in 1957 through a very small transmitter. With the Ministry of Information assuming charge in 1961, the process of development got accelerated.

Presently, apart from the four state-owned channels, Cable and Satellite transmission is available throughout the country. The Failaka station that had suffered major damages during the Iraqi aggression has been restored and has resumed telecast.


The press in Kuwait enjoys a high degree of freedom and is supported extensively by the Ministry of Information. Kuwait takes pride in its free and vibrant press, which it regards as a democratic form of freedom of expression.

The Ministry of Information brings out a number of specialised publications – books, periodicals and other informative items. Some of these are Facts & Figures, the Annual Yearbook, the Official Gazette, Kuwait Today, the Al-Arabi etc. The Ministry also publishes a variety of print collateral — posters, folders, stickers, calendars, brochures, cards and postcards – on special occasions.

International Media Centres.

Kuwaiti International Media Centres abroad promote Kuwait’s media objectives in the host countries. Their aim is to provide media institutions and decision-making authorities with information – as print material, video and audio tapes — about different aspects of life in modern Kuwait.

Since 1990, information centres and offices have been established in Washington, London, Paris, New Delhi, Beirut, Tunisia, Algeria, Amman & Morocco.

The objectives of Kuwait Information Centres and offices operating abroad are:

To project Kuwait’s presence at official or popular levels; and to obtain a permanent space in all mass media in the host countries to promote a complete image of Kuwait.
To showcase Kuwaiti achievements in all spheres — political, economic, social and cultural — and in all aspects — domestic, Gulf, Arab, Islamic and world.
To inform public opinion in the host, and to correct misinformation about Kuwait transmitted by mass media in these countries.
To seek permanent communication with all public sectors in those countries as a means of achieving closeness and harmony between Kuwaitis and the people of those countries.
To participate in relations of humanitarian and social nature in the countries where such centres are located, at the regional and international levels.
To set up cultural and information-related relations with country-based information centres and offices for:


(a) exchange of news, as well as cultural, religious and entertainment programmes.
(b) study of necessary and basic procedures for concluding agreements related to information, research, training organisations and exchange of technicians, journalists and specialists in all mass media.
(c) provision of necessary documents, collections, writings and publications, to such countries, for information about Kuwait’s culture and civilisation.
(d) establishment of close cooperation with news agencies and increasing the exchange of newspapers, magazines and publications.
(e) participation in all forms of joint production in the fields of radio, television and cinema.
(f) holding cultural and technical exhibitions and convening scientific, cultural and religious seminars about Kuwait.

International Media Centres and offices, in coordination with International Media Departments in the Ministry of Information, explain and showcase Kuwaiti policy, history, culture and art, and its active role on the Arab, Islamic and international arena. This is done through participation in information fairs, seminars and lectures. The Media Centres also coordinate with each other in sending invitations on national and special occasions to the press and to luminaries in other fields. They also coordinate with each other when initiating contracts with specialised information institutions to implement specific programmes.

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