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The Visa Section of the Kuwait Embassy, New Delhi, began its work with the initiation of diplomatic relations with India. In fact, Indians in Kuwait constitute the largest expatriate community in the State. The main function of the Visa Section consists of endorsing a work visa, as it comes directly from Kuwait. The Visa Section also issues diplomatic and other official visas, and it attests commercial documents and other academic certificates, etc.

Fees For Various Services

1.Work visa: Rs 3,000 (KD15)

2.Visit visa: Rs 2,000(KD10)

3. Attestation of documents:
a. Invoice: Rs 2000 (KD 10)
b. Certificates of Origin: Rs 3000 (KD 15)
c. Academic certificates: Rs 1000 (KD 05)
d. Miscellaneous certificates: Rs 1000 (KD 05)

Working Hours Of The Visa Section

1. Submission of documents: Monday to Friday: 10 am to 11 am
2. Delivery time of documents: Monday to Friday: 3 pm to 3:30 pm

The address of the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in New Delhi is:
5A Shanti Path,
New Delhi 110 021
Tel: 24100791
Fax: 26873516
Email: kuwaitembassy@mantraonline.com

Kuwait’s Consulate in Mumbai also provides the above mentioned facilities of the Visa Section.
Its address is:
The Consulate of Kuwait,
Vaswani Mansion120,
Dinshaw Waccha RoadMumbai 400 020
Tel: 22884179, 2871897
Fax: 22048180

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